Change the Bangs

So, today I have made this huge decision to cut bangs.

I used to fear them because I had them when I was younger and I thought I looked horrible in it, so I switched to side bangs. But now, after cutting the long side bangs, I decided, I actually can make it look good.

I’m just so glad I took this bold change because it means a lot to me. It means moving on from the past, leaving the past behind and just looking forward to new days with this new look. It also means not listening to people’s opinions on whether bangs are nice or not and just being myself.

In all, it marks the day of change.

First off, this change was inspired by recent events. I realized I had the same constant look for the past six or seven years and I just want something different. Something that doesn’t remind me of all the things that has happened in my life and what I have lost and went through.

I have always wanted to do something like this but I never had the guts to until today.

I guess certain things have pushed me forward to this move. Things that hurt my feelings a lot and break my heart has made me decide that I really need something new and that I had to move on and try to forget.

It’s not easy but at least, this a step forward.

Sometimes, I wish that I could have the courage to do more obvious changes but certain circumstances do not allow me to do so but it’s alright, this is more than enough.

Also, I have a list in my mind of the changes I want to apply now to give myself a more positive impact in my life. It will work.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx