How quickly the days pass by like nothing.

I have been up and down the streets, doing necessary things, attending classes, writing letters and emails, being in charge of the group, getting things done for the group and remembering to stay true to myself.

I can’t wait for my birthday.

This time, things will be different. Things have been different ever since I’ve moved. Things are positive and looking up like never before. I feel more responsible and I’m finally truly an adult which I define as being able to put every responsibilities in place, keeping my life straight and clean, as well as making sure my studio is always clean, tidy and stocked up with fresh groceries, beverages and snacks (vital for entertaining guests).

I realize being neat and all really give a sense of responsibility, and most importantly satisfaction. It starts off with making your bed in the morning, smoothing the creases and fluffing the pillow. Small effort build up great discipline and motivation, and now, it has become a routine.

I don’t feel pressured if a friend comes over unexpectedly. I remember being that person who would quickly try to make things seem orderly when someone comes to visit. Now, it is always tidy and if anyone pops in, I’m relaxed and I don’t have to apologize for the state of the studio.

Honestly, I feel like being responsible has become so important that when my carpeted floor has specks of white, I grab the vacuum cleaner and vacuum away. I guess it is a good thing anyways.

Moving on, this is my new start away from depression. I have removed every past post. Content may be different from before.

Signing off,